On Wednesday, August 17, 2016, controversial Nigerian musician Burna Boy took to Twitter and revealed in a set of messages that he might be quitting music. But in truth, it’s hard to think of this as true given several dynamics.

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Muzichype112.wordpress.com article on Burna Boy joking with talks of quitting music

More specifically, these are some of the reasons any A-list artiste in the mould of Burna Boy will never conceive the idea of opting out of music whatever the reasons are.

But of course it’s fine to fake something of this sort when you are Burna Boy. After all, what is showbiz without attempts to swim upstream from time to time? Above all, this publicity comes helpful at this point as he is billed to perform at a concert in London in October, 2016.

While we are at this, below are five key reasons Burna Boy will be around for some time contrary to what his recent tweets say:

1. He loves controversies and can only thrive in an industry as this – The Soke singer came into our consciousness riding on the back of controversy. It is against this backdrop that we see exactly how unfitting it is were he to attempt a career switch of sorts.

2. The attention he currently gets is quite impressive – It’s not rocket science realizing how much the dance hall star is currently being talked about today, locally and internationally. His brand is loved out there. In clearer words, he has been hugged by media players so much lately and regardless of how genuine or not the love is, he is getting the needed attention. It is what it is.

3. The financial rewards are too good to be true – This is pretty clear as the sky is blue. Except Burna has an oil well somewhere which is highly questionable, it will be hard keeping up with his financial standards anywhere outside entertainment. Hardly anyone will cut major cheques for him in any other capacity.

4. He has a lot of eccentric features which make him easily intolerable in other industries – Burna Boy is wired for this life and he is clearly living it to the fullest.

5. The growth in the industry is such that no one really knows who the next big thing could be – Nigerian music is global right now and it’ll be criminal for anyone to throw in the towel at a stage as this.

Controversial dancehall star Burna Boy.


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