Biafran Agitation : A Letter To President AndVice President of the Federal Republic ofNigeria

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I write with a heavy heart, on this Christmas day, as a
result of what is going on under your leadership
regarding the Biafra agitation and the leader of the IPOB
(Indigenous people of Biafra), Mr. Nnamdi Kanu.
DEC 26, 2015
I write with a heavy heart, on this Christmas day, as a
result of what is going on under your leadership
regarding the Biafra agitation and the leader of the IPOB
(Indigenous people of Biafra), Mr. Nnamdi Kanu. Let me
first say that I, as an Igbo person, supported your
election and campaign passionately for it on social
media, but I am now on neutral grounds, because of the
way you are handling the cry for Biafra though I will
always support any good strides you are making for the
people of Nigeria.
Ij Onuigbo
Some of the reasons I supported you are: 1. Your wife
said during a pre-election interview that you promised to
lead by listening to the concerns of the people and doing
what the people want.
2. As a former soldier in the United States Army, I knew
that the discipline you have as a retired general of Nigeria
Army is what is needed to clean up the corruption that
has long retarded the progress of Nigeria.
However, during your interview in the USA, I believe at
the State Department after your election you were asked
a question about how you would handle the Niger Delta
on amnesty and women issues, your answer was that and
I quote, “constituents that gave me 97 percent votes
cannot, in all honesty, be treated equally with
constituents that gave me 5 percent.” Both videos of
your wife promise of your leadership and your
admission of prejudicial treatment of people who did not
vote for you is there on Youtube for anyone and the
whole world to see.
Mr. President, the problem with this whole situation is
that with the way you are currently treating the IPOB
matter means that your wife has lied about you wanting
to lead by listening and leading according to the needs of
the people. Moreover, I, as your initial supporter, was
very bewildered and embarrassed when I saw that video
where you admitted that you would lead by preferential
treatment of those who voted you into office. Those who
voted you into office are majorly from your region, the
north, as well as the Southwestern region.
Igbos were the ones that only gave you 5 percent vote
because they did not trust that you would lead with
integrity. And guess what you are doing now! You are
proving them right. You are showing that their fears were
valid. Mr. President, leadership requires that you must be
fair to all and sundry no matter how you feel about
them. You cannot lead with a vindictive spirit to get back
at those who didn’t want you to win.
Just look at President Barak Obama for example. Barack
Obama has and still suffer from a severe opposition of a
great number of Americans who don’t like him, but guess
what, he still leads everyone with equal and fair
A leader that is temperamental enough to vilify a group
of people because they did not vote for him is not yet a
leader. A seasoned leader overcomes all negative
emotions that tempts him to mistreat any section of
people under his leadership. Otherwise, it is a
dictatorship and not democracy. Also, remember that
many Igbos and Yorubas, who did not want you to
become the President, accused you of being a dictator,
and I have to say that you are proving them right for
holding Nnamdi Kanu hostage.
I must mention that I am not for or against Biafra. I am
for peace and fairness for all. If it were within my power,
I would lead my people, the Igbos, to focus on what they
are good at and leave Politics to those who want it so
bad. On the other hand, I have seen that my people are
very unhappy in Nigeria and feel grossly marginalized.
And since they have been bold enough to start a protest,
they need to be heard and not ignored or shoved aside.
They are human beings with feelings, values, and
aspirations no matter how inconsequential anyone might
see them.
So in that case, I support that there should be a
referendum and due process to make a country of their
own. Now there is a possibility that we may not get all the
required vote to amend the Nigeria constitution; but in
that case, we would have seen that due process was given
and anyone that fights it would be called a trouble
maker. Right now, the trouble maker is the leader that
have imprisoned the leader of a group that wants to
move on to a better world for themselves. YOU are the
trouble maker, Mr. President! You can stop all this by
releasing him and demanding for him to go through the
right process.
I have written partially on this in the past and to your
attention as well hoping that your social media crew
would bring it to your attention, but I have not seen any
meaningful or positive action taken towards this case.
Some people have advised me that if the Igbos really
want to secede, they would not have to go through you
and others have educated me as well that all that is
needed is for the IPOB to forward a motion for
Referendum through the Nigeria National Assembly.
You might wonder why then am I writing to you if we
knew what steps to take. I am writing to you because you
are the President of a country in turmoil who has the
power to quell the disaster that is brewing under you.
The solution to put a stop to the agitation for Biafra is in
your hands. All you have to do is take a leadership step
by releasing Mr. Nnamdi Kanu and advising him and the
group to begin the process of Referendum. If the motion
holds, good, if the motion fails, then you have done your
job as the President.
May I please remind you that the British, the Russians
and the UN have wisely made suggestions for the
immediate release of Nnamdi Kanu and for Nigeria to
allow a Referendum to go through, but with all due
respect, it all seems to have fallen on deaf ears. The only
response I have seen from your office is a statement that
Mr. President that is not a responsible statement in the
midst of what is going on.
Nigeria has never really been one. There is a deeply
ingrained spirit of tribalism in Nigeria that has infected
the political and economic fabrics of the nation of which
is one of the biggest reasons driving the Biafra agitation.
Igbos feel totally marginalized and rightfully so. This
situation is like a bad marriage where one partner is very
unhappy and keeps wanting out of the relationship, and
the other partner refuses to corporate because the
relationship benefits them more.
Your energy will be better served fighting BokoHaram
rather than fighting IPOB agitation that has a simple
solution. And I must say that how you are handling this
situation makes it look like all of a sudden Mr. Kanu has
become more dangerous than BokoHaram that is still
killing people actively in Nigeria when Mr. Kanu has not
killed one person. When people protest for a cause, it is
the responsibility of the leaders to address the issues
surrounding that cause, not imprison the individuals. The
cry for Biafra did not start today. It has been going on for
ages that also led to the massacre of over one million
Igbos around 1967. I am not a good student of history,
so I will not pretend to go into it. But I am sure you know
what I am talking about.
I implore you to please listen to right conscience and
make the judgment that will bring positive resolution to
this case and prevent lives from being wasted over a civil
war. You have the power to do this by the simple step I
have mentioned above. Once again, let me say it again.
Release Mr. Nnamdi Kanu and instruct him and his group
to go through the right channel through Nigeria National
Assembly to put forward the motion for a referendum.
Though you are old, you still have a young family that will
live on after you. What legacy do you want to leave?
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Ij Onuigbo
Ex-US Army Captai


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